Code of Conduct

We have an on-site monitor who conducts audits of production and employment records. Our factory utilizes modern safety standards and is ISO9001 certified. Dumping is prohibited and VOCs are limited. Our Code of Conduct makes clear EarthLust’s commitment to acceptable working conditions worldwide. We believe that suppliers who follow these standards will have a more productive workforce, one capable of meeting our customer’s demand for high quality goods at a fair price. EarthLust will work only with those suppliers who share our core values and will work with us to actively maintain these values in the global workplace.
The following contains excerpts from our EarthLust LLC Workplace Code of Conduct
Human Rights Standards 2009 — EarthLust LLC will only work with reputable suppliers who share our commitment to human rights and ethical standards of conduct. EarthLust LLC customers depend on the quality and value of our products and the underlying integrity of the workplaces that produce them. We are proud of our leadership in ensuring that our suppliers worldwide follow progressive policies. EarthLust LLC will not permit the goods we sell to be the product of unacceptable working conditions.
To maintain our commitment to these principles, we have established a Workplace Code of Conduct. We will require all suppliers and their subcontractors to adhere to this code of conduct as part of our contracting process. The Workplace Code of Conduct requires suppliers (and the supplier’s subcontractors) to: PROVIDE A CLEAN, SAFE AND HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT ENGAGE IN FAIR AND ETHICAL EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES FREE FROM CHILD OR FORCED LABOR, WITH APPROPRIATE WAGES AND HOURS AND COMPLIANT WITH ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LAWS.